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In my late 40's my health hit a wall and I needed to get it back on track. I was headed for a very invasive surgery if things didn't change, and quickly. So, I took matters into my own hands and did something about it!


As I rounded 50, I got my health not only back on track, but I got myself feeling better and stronger than ever.  And, I avoided that surgery!


Being healthy internally, and now over 50, I turned my attention to how I was aging, externally. I wasn't thrilled with what I was seeing. 


I wanted to reverse some of the sun damage and bad decisions from the first 4 decades and I wanted to start focusing on prevention. Things I could do with skincare, makeup, and lifestyle choices to mitigate the signs of aging.


It's my goal to continue to look and feel my best going forward!

We can't stop the aging process, internally or externally, but we sure can lessen the punch it throws at us. 


For me, the keys to looking good and feeling my best are intertwined. These are the things I know about. These are the things I share with you here: the BEST beauty and health resources and tips for women over 50!

It's my hope that you'll find joy, inspiration, and a little laughter to help you crush your 50's and beyond!

Let's enjoy the journey!

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