• Deborah Verga

My Response To The Covid-19 Situation

As I sit here, at my desk, on this beautiful morning, and listen to what is happening right now in the world around me, I want to take a moment to reflect on how incredibly grateful I am in this current Covid-19 situation...

I'm grateful that I work from home and have a 100% online business...

  • No boss.

  • No commute to work.

  • No public transpo.

  • No time clock.

  • No fixed hourly pay or salary cap.

  • No glass ceiling.

  • No limits placed on my time off.

  • No cubicle.

  • No office full of people.

  • No public face-to-face.

  • No worry that my employer may cut my hours or my position.

  • No worry that my employer may be forced to close.

Because I work from home, I don't have to deal with any of that nonsense. My work, my goals, my finances are limitless and all tied to the effort I put in.

Yeah, grateful.

I'm not done...

I'm grateful that I homeschool my daughter and have been doing so for the past 5 years...

  • No daycare.

  • No public school.

  • No crowded school bus ride.

  • No bullying or school violence.

  • No exposure to sick, snotty kids because parents couldn't afford to keep them home.

  • No spending 8+ hours a day in an overcrowded classroom.

  • No inside the box education.

  • No limits on learning.

  • No bureaucracy and red tape thwarting her education.

Because we homeschool, my daughter doesn’t have to deal with any of that nonsense. Her educational opportunities and desires are endless and all about learning and growing.

Breathe... Yeah, extra grateful. I'm still not done...

I'm grateful that I'm an entrepreneur and work from home. That I can easily pivot from one thing to the next. That I decide what takes priority in a day.

In this current Covid-19 situation I'm grateful that the world can go stark-raving-mad and neither of us skip a beat over here.

Grateful our lives, my work, her homeschooling, goes on. I'm. Not. Done. Yet...

I'm grateful that while the world seems out of control, this is something within my control.

  • I have zero fear or panic.

  • We have plenty of toilet paper.

  • I have multiple streams of income, all self generated.

  • I choose when and where to work.

  • I make the decisions.

  • I call the shots.

  • I have choices.

  • I'm the boss.

  • I'm an entrepreneur.

I'm SO beyond GRATEFUL.

I've made hard decisions and created choices for myself & my family. Choices create opportunities. Opportunities create income. Income creates freedom.

As the dynamic of brick and mortar business changes due to the Covid-19 situation, I've positioned myself and my family to thrive. All because I made the choice to do so.

It's never easy. Nothing ever is. But it's 100% worth it all day, every day!

Always in gratitude. I'm very, very grateful...

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