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ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit Review

Back in March, I went all in on upgrading my studio equipment.

At that time, I couldn't decide if I wanted a ring light or just a set of softbox lights, or both for my home studio.

I went back and forth for a few days and finally decided to get them both and I'm so glad I did.

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ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit

I purchased the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit and I really like it!

The ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit has over 1400 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating! This is the kit I got, here:

This softbox light kit comes with a pair of tripods, softbox lights and a pair of 85W daylight CFL bulbs. More on all of that in a bit...

What is the Light Output for these Softbox Lights?

The total light output is equivalent to an 800W regular incandescent light bulb, with an energy savings of up to 80%.

The bulbs are said to last around 8000 hours! Not too shabby.

And, they're cool to the touch. You don't get studio heat from these softbox lights, which is a huge plus when using them to film!

Also good to note... the CFL bulbs are 5500K color temperature bulbs. They produce balanced pure white daylight, none of that yellow hued garbage.

Specifications from ESDDI

Here are the actual specifications from ESDDI:

  • The tripods are height adjustable from 27" to 80"

  • The tripod stands are sturdy aluminum alloy

  • The softbox lights are size: 50 x 70 CM

  • The lamp holder is 210° adjustable

  • Both lights are 85W 110V daylight CFL bulbs

  • The reflector is a high quality PET

I did a video preview and review of the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit. It's linked up below.

What are the Softboxes Made of?

Both softboxes are made of high quality PET and lined with silver reflective material.

Are the Tripods Adjustable?

Yes. The tripods adjust from 68cm to 192cm and can be rotated 210 degrees!

What comes in the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit?

The ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit comes with everything shown in the photo:

  • Two Sturdy Aluminum Tripods

  • Two Sets of Softbox Lights

  • Two White Light Diffuser Covers

  • Two CFL Light Bulbs

  • Light Storage / Carry Case

Everything was beautifully packaged! The individual pieces are well weighted and nice quality.

Does the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit Include a Battery Pack?

No. You need to plug them in.

Do these Softbox Lights, Dim?

No. They have one setting - on.

Can I Tilt these ESDDI Softbox Lights?

Yes! They easily tilt which makes them great for both video and photography lighting.

Does they come with a Carrying Case?

Yup, sure does!

Can I use these Softbox Lights for Video and Photography?

Absolutely! I use them to film for my website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I also use them for additional lighting when I'm taking selfies and product photos.

My Review of the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit

I've been using the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit since March, so... 5 months and I love them!

I have them set up in my home studio, one on each corner of my desk with my ring light in the middle and they're perfect for illuminating both me and my filming space.

They are light weight, easily movable, and adjustable. But don't let that fool you. They're totally solid and well constructed.

They assembled in seconds and are easy to breakdown and pack if I need to take them with me to a location shoot.

Here I show you a live look at the ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit.


Final thoughts…

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting situation, I highly recommend you grab the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit. It checked all of my boxes for additional studio lighting.

With a 4.5 / 5 star rating, and a great price point, you can’t beat the ESDDI Softbox Photography Light Kit! And you get free Amazon Prime shipping, too!

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