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Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Extra Wide Toaster Review

Get your 4-Slice Toaster on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/32q8s1K

If you haven't already tried this 4-Slice Toaster, then it's worth taking a look!

Not only does it toast 4-slices at once, but it does everything from thinly sliced bread to wide-chunky bread and bagels! And... it defrosts too! Whaaatttt? Y.E.S! And, it comes with Amazon's Free shipping!

What types of bread can I toast with this toaster?

It has extra-wide slots so you can toast lots of things!

We use this 4-slice toaster for toasting sandwich bread, loaf bread, English muffins, bagels, hamburger buns, and I even use it to make my Toaster Quesadillas! (I threw my old junkie 2-slice toaster in the trash!)

How many toasting functions does it have?

It comes standard with regular toasting and has 3 additional toasting functions: Bagel, Defrost & Cancel.

How does the Bagel function work?

When you set this toaster on the Bagel setting, it only toasts the cut side of the bagel while warming the round outside.

Does it have a toasting shade selector?

Yes! You set the dial to your desired darkness, from light to dark or somewhere in between!

Does it get hot?

No. The outside of the toaster stays cool.

Is it easy to see the buttons?

Yes, they're illuminated.

Here are some additional specs from Hamilton Beach:

  • 4 slice capacity

  • Extra-wide slots accommodate bagels and thick breads

  • Three toasting functions: Bagel, Defrost and Cancel

  • Bagel setting toasts the cut side, warms for the round side

  • Defrost function thaws food then toasts it

  • Cancel stops toasting at any time

  • High-lift toast boost makes it easier to reach small slices

  • Adjustable shade selector for perfect toast batch after batch

  • Crumb tray

  • Cool-touch sides

  • Illuminated buttons

  • Auto shutoff - toaster shuts off at end of cycle, even if toast gets jammed

Does it have a crumb tray?


Parting Thoughts..

We've had this toaster for about 6 months and use it daily! It's worth every penny!

Typically, you have to pay top dollar for a decent toaster in a department store, but you can easily grab this 4-slice toaster on Amazon for a fraction of the cost and have it delivered for free right to your door!

Be sure to checkout our favorite fast & easy Toaster Quesadilla recipe on my blog (coming soon!) You can watch my video demo over on my YouTube channel, here.

Get your 4-Slice Toaster on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2VO9iDb

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