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Healthy Vegetarian Pasta

Being Sicilian, one of the things we love is pasta!

But what we don't love is white pasta, or just pasta with sauce.

We like healthy, fully bodied, pasta!

My favorite pasta dish to make, for any occasion, is my Healthy Vegetarian Pasta! It's loaded with color, flavor, and texture!

It's super easy to make and oh so yummy!

Stock Pot

You want to make sure you have a large stock pot for this recipe so you have plenty of room for both the pasta and the veggies to cook together.

I love Farberware Cookware!

I find the Faberware Stock Pot, here is the perfect size for a full box of penne with added veggies!

We currently have an electric stove.

If you have an electric stove you understand the frustration with your cookware not heating properly on the heating element.

I find the Farberware cookware to fit snugly on the burner and conduct heat evenly and thoroughly. This is super important with an electric stove.

You have a lot more cookware options when using a gas stove. Personally, I like the Farberware cookware for both!


I love using my CorningWare to store any leftovers. They're super durable and make it easy to take them from the fridge to the oven, or to just serve cold straight from the fridge.

This is my favorite CorningWare set:

Whether you polish this off in one night, or have enough left over for the next night... enjoy!

Cooking Demo

Here I show you step-by-step, how easy it is to throw together this Health Vegetarian Pasta recipe!



Healthy Vegetarian Pasta Recipe
Download • 145KB
Healthy Vegetarian Pasta Recipe
Download • 145KB



  • 1 box of organic whole wheat or multi-grain penne pasta

  • 1 jar of organic pesto sauce

  • 1 cup chopped fresh green beans (or frozen)

  • 1 cup chopped fresh asparagus (or frozen)

  • 1 jar of organic sun dried tomatoes

  • 1 bag of organic pine nuts

  • Fresh parmesan cheese

Prep Time 5-10 minutes

Ready in approx 10 minutes

Serves 4-6 people


Warm up pesto sauce.

Snap green beans and asparagus into 1/4 ” lengths.

Cook pasta as directed on box.

When pasta gets 1/2 way finished (so if cooking time is 10 minutes, when it gets to 5 minutes) add your green beans and asparagus to the pasta water and continue cooking everything together.

When complete, drain contents of entire pot and put into a serving dish.

Add pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts (to taste) - gently mix everything together.

Top with parm to taste and serve with a loaf of your favorite bread!

Tip: It's even better left over the next day, warmed up or cold right out of the fridge!


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