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How to Line Your Eyes When You Can't See Them

Are you having a hard time applying eyeliner to your eyes?

Do you need to wear your glasses to see fine details?

How about when you put on your eye makeup?

Are you getting tired of pushing your dang glasses up and down, up and down, while trying to apply eyeliner?

Yeah, I get you!

I literally can not see my eyes well enough, without wearing glasses, to apply any eye makeup, including eyeliner.

So, I stopped wearing eyeliner, until I learned this trick.

It's called tightlining!

And I'm going to show you how easy it is to do it!

If you wear glasses, you won't need them for this application.

So tightlining is when you apply your eyeliner to the inside upper waterline of your upper eyelid.

The problem most people have with applying eyeliner to the upper lash line (on top of the eyelid) is not being able to see the detail of the eye the liner goes on because you're squinting, or closing that eye.

I don't know about you but when I do that, I can't see anything!

When you tightline your eyes, you're not applying eyeliner to your eyes the traditional way. You're applying it to the inside upper waterline of your lid, so you're able to keep both eyes wide open!

You can absolutely see 100% of what you're doing... with a little help...

What do I Need to Tightline My Eyes

You only need two things to do this... a good quality eyeliner pencil and a powerful magnifying mirror.

I have a couple of eyeliners I like, but my favorite hands down is the E.L.F. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner in Black.

After using this eyeliner multiple times, it just stands up best to my watery eyes! Thanks allergies!

The E.L.F. No Budge Eyeliner doesn't irritate my eyes (I have super sensitive eyes), it doesn't budge (hence the name!), and it doesn't transfer to my lower waterline, even on my watery eyes! And gees, you can't beat the price!

And, in order to apply this without needing to wear glasses, you need a high quality - powerful - magnifying mirror.

I use a 8.5" Professional Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnification.

It's a lighted mirror with amazing 10x magnification on one side and a regular mirror on the other.

This bad boy has been a literal lifesaver for applying makeup, grooming my brows, and even getting a splinter out of my finger!

Yeah, I held my finger up to the mirror so I could get a close up look at where that stupid splinter was in my finger. Worked like a charm!

This magnifying mirror has over 1,000 / 4.5 star reviews and is one of my BEST vanity investments (refer back to the splinter, above!)

I like to apply all of my eye makeup before I tightline my eyes. I leave tightlining my eyes to last.

Again, a great magnifying mirror and a great eyeliner are going to make all the difference in your application.

How to Tightline Your Eyes

To do this, pull your magnifying mirror in close.

Gently lift your upper eyelid up and run the eyeliner across your upper waterline. If you want it darker, you can apply a second coat.

Tightlining makes applying eyeliner so easy, especially for those of us that are "eye challenged".

Tightlining gives a little more definition to your eyes. It really helps to define that lash line. And, for me, it has great staying power.

If you have small eye lid real estate (i.e. hooded eyes) it leaves more room for your eye shadow!

BONUS: If you want the whites of your eyes to pop, line the lower waterline with a white eye liner!

If you want to see exactly how I tightline my eyes without being able to see them, check out the video demo below.


Parting thoughts...

If you're older, wear glasses, or just can't see properly to apply your eye makeup, especially your eyeliner, get yourself a powerful magnifying mirror, and give tightlining a try!

It's super easy to do and will make a big difference in your eye look!

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