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Life Lessons

Mini-me, being a bit techie (apple doesn't fall far from the tree 😉) has become a leader in an virtual club.

Over the past 7 months she's gained quite the level of responsibility and influence within this organization.

She's very well know in her circle. She's well respected, well spoken, and kind, always kind.

Unfortunately, not everyone is.

Today, she was exposed to the dark side of having such influence - jealousy by a peer she had come to admire and respect. She was completely blindsided and hurt.

Being homeschoolers, we run in a different circle.

We don't have "school girl" drama, or any drama really.

The members of the clubs and organizations she's associated with "in person", throughout her life, have excelled in tolerance, kindness, and respect.

The same values I've raised her with. The same values she's come to expect from others.

The online club she leads is huge... worldwide... with children participating from all over the globe and from all walks of life.

This club, in its virtual microcosm, is representative of the "real" world.

Having my own circle of leadership and influence, running my business on social media over the past 8 years, I have some "real life" wisdom and experience with which to guide her.

Today was a hard, but solid, real life lesson.

The veil of innocence was moved a little further back today. Another layer of youth stripped away...

We spent the afternoon talking through the situation; what could have prompted the attack, how she handled herself, and what she could have done differently.

We talked about what it means to be in a position of leadership and influence, and what that could bring out in others.

And we set out some guidelines for how to proceed next time, because there will be a next time.

But, most importantly, she needed an ear to bend.

She needed a little guidance in these unfamiliar waters, and she needed a little reassurance from her solid, that she's the same amazing girl she was when she awoke this morning!

She learned, that the opinion of others does not change who she is at her core.

She learned that other people's opinions of her are none of her business. Her opinion of herself, is!

While someone tried to take my daughter down this afternoon, my daughter, in turn, has chosen to reach out to her. To let her know she's been an admirer of her work. To ask if she would like to talk about what's bothering her. To start a conversation instead of partaking in accusations.

This is how I raised my daughter. She has morals, values, tolerance, and kindness.

Always kindness.

But, If I need to kick some ass, you know I surely will!

Because no matter what, through it all, my daughter knows, 100%... Mommy always has her back!

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