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Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit Review

Lock down hit mid March here and everyone went into a tailspin.

Many used it as an excuse to do nothing, to back away from their goals and their dreams.

Well, not this chick! When I get hit, I hit back harder!

I went all in and invested in myself and my business and upgraded all of my studio equipment!!

This is an unboxing and review of my new Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit!

The Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is a boom scissor arm mic that’s perfect for the home office or home studio. It’s great for Zoom meetings, Skype, Facebook Live, video voice overs, voice recordings, podcasts, and recording YouTube videos!

I’ve been wanting a professional grade microphone for well over a year, so I grabbed the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit and I’m super happy with it.

I recorded an unboxing, you can see that below.

What comes in the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit?

The Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit comes with:

*Condenser microphone

*Shock mount

*Adjustable boom scissor arm mount with a table top clamp.

*Pop filter with a foam windscreen

*Wind sock

*USB cable

*Product manual

Everything was packaged beautifully! The individual pieces are well weighted and nice quality.

The Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is compatible with all OS: laptops, PC’s & mobile phones. (see below)

How do I connect my Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone to my laptop or PC?

You simply plug the enclosed USB cable into both the Maono microphone and your laptop or PC.

How do I use an external microphone with my iPhone?

I had to purchase a separate OTG adapter to get the Maono microphone to work with my iPhone. This is the one I purchased and it works perfectly!

What does a pop filter do?

A pop filter is a noise protection filter used, typically, with microphones in a recording setting. It reduces, and can eliminate, crackling or popping sounds caused by the impact of fast-moving air on the microphone during speech recordings or singing.

How I’m using the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit

I’m using the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit with both my HP Laptop and my iPhone.

I’ve been using it exclusively since the beginning of April for all of my YouTube and Facebook videos and I love it!

This microphone has excellent sound quality, no feedback, it filters out background noise nicely, and the sound output stays consistent throughout my videos.

As a little plus, I’ve also removed the microphone and shock mount from the boom scissor arm and mounted them on a standard tripod for when I want to use the mic in a location where the boom scissor arm can’t reach.

Here I show you everything that’s included in the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit.


Final thoughts…

If you’re looking to upgrade your studio game, I highly recommend you give the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit a go. It checked all of my boxes. With a 4.5 / 5 star rating and a great price point, you can’t beat the Maono AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit! And you get free Amazon Prime shipping!

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