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Math U See Algebra 1 Review

Today I'm diving into our secular math curriculum for 10th grade.

For Math we're using Math U See Algebra 1!

We've used Math U See since 5th grade and we love this program!

We like the way the Math U See programs are designed.

It's very easy for your child to follow it independently.

I did a video preview and review of Math U See Algebra 1. You can check that out below!

Is Math U See Algebra 1 a Mastery Math Program?

Math U See Algebra 1 is a mastery program. What that basically means is your child will work a concept to mastery before moving on to the next concept.

When your child works one concept until mastery it helps...

  • to reinforce the material

  • with long term memory retention

  • with better understanding for the next concept

What Topics are Covered in Math U See Algebra 1?

Math U See Algebra 1 covers graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, unit multipliers, etc...

What is Included with Math U See Algebra 1?

You can purchase everything you need for this program as a universal set, or curriculum bundle, or your can just purchase the pieces you need.

We purchased the universal set through Rainbow Resource.

Included in the Math U See Algebra 1 Universal Set is a student workbook, test book, instructor's manual, a set of dvd's to view the course lectures taught by the founder of Math U See, Steve Demme, and the integer block set (manipulatives).

You will need to purchase the Math U See Algebra / Decimal Insert Kit separately.

Math U See Algebra 1 Program Overview

Math U See Algebra 1 is a 35-week program with assignments 5-days a week.

A new algebraic concept is introduced at the beginning of each week.

Math U See Algebra 1 - Day 1

On day 1 your child will watch the dvd video lecture for the lesson.

They will also complete the first worksheet for the week from their student workbook.

Math U See Algebra 1 - Day's 2-4

On days 2-4 your child will complete one worksheet per day from their student workbook.

If they get stuck, or need a refresher of the material, they can always re-watch the dvd lecture lesson for that week.

You will also find the lesson written out in your instructor's manual.

Math U See Algebra 1 - Day 5

On day 5 your child will take the test for that week's lesson.

If they do well on the test, they're ready to move on to next week's concept.

If they don't do well, you can have them complete the additional worksheets for that week included in their student workbook for more practice working that concept.

. You can also visit the Math U See website for additional worksheets and product support.

Math U See Algebra 1 Manipulatives

One of the things we like about Math U See is how they use manipulatives to help explain the math concepts.

Especially with harder concepts it's nice to have something tangible that explains why you get a particular answer.

Mr. Demme uses manipulatives during his video lectures to help better explain the material. He shows your child how to use them to derive at an answer, as well.

My daughter has found having these very helpful.

There are two sets of manipulatives used for Math U See Algebra 1.

The Math U See Interger Block set is a 133-piece manipulative block set.

You buy this set once and can use it with all of the Math U See programs.

It includes 20 ones and tens, 13 fives, and 10 each of twos, threes, fours, sixes, sevens, eights, nines, and hundreds blocks.

You can keep them stored in the original cardboard storage box, or purchase a fishing tackle type of box to store them.

The other manipulative set that is recommended for Math U See Algebra 1 is the Algebra / Decimal Insert set.

This set works directly with the integer block set by snapping onto them.

Using the manipulatives in conjunction with the dvd video lectures and the worksheets provides your child with multiple ways to learn and retain the material.


Parting thoughts...

My daughter enjoys the way Mr. Demme presents the material.

He makes math fun and takes away all the intimidation usually professed in traditional math textbooks and by many math instructors.

I like that Mr. Demme explains the "why" behind the math to students.

Personally, that was my biggest hang up with math, especially algebra in high school.

All of my instructors, throughout my elementary education, just told me to do the work but never explained why I needed to.

It wasn't until college when my math professor taught the "why" behind the math, that math finally clicked for me. And it was way more interesting!

It's so refreshing to have a program and support system like Math U See for our homeschool!

We have really enjoyed using Math U See throughout the years and look forward to using it again in 10th grade for Algebra 1.

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