• Deborah Verga

Open for Business?

Over the past few months I've received messages asking me what it takes to do what I do; work in the digital marketing space from home?

With Covid-19 accompanying 2020 into the new decade, the abrupt changes to brick and mortar commerce have caused online retail sales to soar.

Defining who's open for business.

Covid-19 has in one fell swoop changed the face of the business landscape.

People are scared. Hell, you might be scared. And people are needing a new way to make money, to make ends meet, in this new, uncertain, economy.

A good 90% of the messages I've received are coming from people who are "nonessential" employees that were laid off or had their hours drastically reduced and are now looking for flexible work opportunities, online, from home.

Most of those that have messaged me are looking for something they can implement now, as a safety net, while they see how things play out.

Others are looking for a way to work from home, permanently, so they're not dependent on an employer for their income.

I want to share with you how I respond to these messages, because I think it's SUPER important to be brutally honest (my daily m.o.), especially right now.

Is what I do a viable source of income, part time or full time?

Yes, it absolutely is. As long as you understand a few key things...

If you've never...

  • worked in a digital environment

  • created consumable content online (blogging, vlogging, social media, etc..)

  • grown your social network

  • created consumer value and trust

  • managed your own time and expectations

If you're not comfortable...

  • spending hours researching and reviewing

  • spending hours writing

  • spending hours recording

  • spending hours digitally networking

  • using technology

  • troubleshooting issues and seeking out your own answers

  • using the various social media platforms

Then all of a sudden jumping into the digital marketing space is not going to miraculously make you money overnight. It will not instantly save you.

What I do. What I've done via my website, my blog, and my social media channels has taken years to build... years. And it's still in its infancy.

As with any entrepreneurial opportunity - online or brick and mortar - there's a learning curve to adjust to. A skill set that has to be acquired. A level of consumer trust that has to be gained. And, a commitment that has to be implemented by you.

Can a digital marketing business help you to supplement your income? Make you a couple of bucks in a pinch? Grow into a solid part-time business and even a thriving full-time business?

That depends. That depends on you.

Regardless of your reason for seeking out a digital marketing business, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it.

Your success, or your failure, at any capacity, in any entrepreneurial endeavor is 100% tied entirely to you.

An entrepreneurial small business is similar to any other business out there, except you're doing it online from the comfort and security of your own home via the internet, instead of at a brick and mortar through an employer.

The concept here applies to a new digital marketing business...

  • You don't just open the doors of a new restaurant and expect to fill every seat.

  • You don't just open a new salon and expect a calendar full of appointments.

  • You don't just open a new boutique and expect the line to be around the block.

And you don't jump online, write a little diddy and expect your bank account to ping. It doesn't work like that. No business does.

Why anyone would think that working online is like that, is beyond me.

It doesn't matter what you need right now. What matters is what level of work are you willing to do right now to make whatever it is you choose to do, work for you?

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your future.

The old adage"there is no time like the present" is a perfectly true statement in today's uncertain economic climate.

But know that it is an investment; in your commitment and your time, at any level - part time or full time.

When Covid-19 is no longer dominating the headlines, what it will leave in its wake is a new economic landscape, not only here in the US, but worldwide.

Where will you be? Will you have a plan in place? Will you be open for business?

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