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3+ Years Ago Things Were So Different...

3+ years ago my health was suffering and I needed to do something about it and quickly.

I hit a proverbial health wall.

I was no longer feeling like myself, or looking like myself.

3+ Years Ago Things Were So Different...

  • I wasn't sleeping.

  • I had zero energy during the day.

  • I had horrible brain fog.

  • All my joints hurt.

  • I had to wear a knee brace because of a searing pain under my knee cap.

  • My digestion was all wonky and irregular.

  • My hair was falling out.

  • My skin was looking crepey and sallow.

  • My nails were brittle and splitting.

  • And my periods were heavy, lasting way too long, and unbearably painful.

So of course I went to the doctor to see what in the hell was going on.

The diagnoses? Rogue hormones!

I was anemic and my hormones were literally kicking my ass, internally and externally.

And, because I was so anemic, I was headed for a very invasive surgery if something didn’t change and quickly.

Hormone Helpers?

I wasn't going to let surgery be my only option. There were things I could try first.

I'm a bit of a science nerd, a research junkie, and type a, so I dove in to figure this out.

In my research, I found a line of wholefood natural supplements that also included a plant phytoestrogen to help balance my hormones.

I went all in!

Within a month I started to feel like me again.

By my 3rd month taking them, my health did a 180!

I've been taking them every day since and I feel better now than during my entire 40’s!

All of my "hormonal" issues - gone!

And, I have all of my body parts intact and where they should be in my early 50's! *knocking on anything wood it stays that way*

3+ Years Ago Things Were So Different...

My health situation, and subsequent health self-discovery, is one of the best things that ever happened to me!

The universe sends us clues. And sometimes it needs to hit us right upside the head!

It got me caring again not only about how I was feeling on the inside, but how I was looking on the outside.

In my 40's I didn't care... about any of it.

Now, in my 50’s, I’m embracing it... all of it!

And it's why I'm so passionate about providing the BEST Beauty and Health Resources & Tips for Women Over 50!

I've been there. I'm still here.

For me... I want my 50’s to be everything my 40’s weren’t: Happy, Healthy, Beautiful, Strong and Fun!

It feels great to be on the right path! FINALLY on the right path!

I'm excited to share my triumphs and blunders with you to help you navigate your own personal journey through your 50's and beyond!

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Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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