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5 Tips for Looking Your Best During Virtual Meetings or Virtual Schooling

I work from home and conduct the majority of my business virtually.

I've created a virtual workspace that is not only beautiful, but conducive to work and on a shoestring budget.

Because of Covid, many people are now working virtually from home, whether by choice or by mandate.

And, schools across the country are now in session, virtually.

When we go to work, or school, we take time to ready ourselves for the day before we step out the door and into the world.

With so many now utilizing virtual platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, etc... as their office or school, it takes a bit more than just flipping on your mobile device or computer to get ready for a virtual meeting.

So today I'm sharing my 5 tips for looking your best during virtual meetings or virtual schooling.

Before we jump in...

Virtual Meeting Tips for Business

If you're conducting business virtually, say you have an office meeting, or you're hosting a virtual event, you want to make sure you are easily seen by your audience.

When people attend your virtual meeting you don't want them struggling to see you. You also don't want your end to be full of distractions.

Make sure that you come across both presentable and professional for your industry.

Virtual Schooling Tips for Teachers

If you're a teacher, teaching classes virtually, you want to make sure that your virtual workspace looks its best.

It's important that your students can see you and the materials you're using, clearly.

You should be well lit (more on that below) and have what you need for your lesson near by so you don't waste time searching for materials.

The less distractions on your end, the better received your virtual lecture and instruction will be.

Virtual Schooling Tips for Students

If you're a student attending class virtually, you want to make sure you have a workspace without distractions.

Look presentable. Don't just roll out of bed and into virtual school.

Come to your virtual class well prepared. Make sure you have the materials you need in front of you for your class.

You also want to make sure your teacher can see you and any materials you may need to show them, clearly.

The better prepared you are, the less time will be wasted. And the easier you'll make virtual schooling for yourself, for your teacher, and for your classmates.

Ok, let's get into my 5 tips for looking your best during virtual meetings or virtual schooling...

Tip #1: Your Workspace

My first tip is to figure out where you're going to be conducting your virtual meetings.

If you have a designated workspace, like a home office or a spare bedroom, great!

If not, find a comfortable place in your home where you will have the most space to work with the least amount of distractions.

It can be the dining room table, a kitchen nook, a hall cubbie, or even a walk-in-closet!

Make sure you can fit everything you need in the space to do your work: a desk or table, a chair, a computer (with webcam), or a tripod to hold your mobile device for meeting virtually, any office supplies, and good lighting.

Desks for Small Spaces

Here are two desks that are great for small spaces:

The first is a Cubiker 55" Computer Desk.

This desk has a nice flat top, sturdy legs that don't get in the way of your legs, and a side storage cubbie so you can keep the things you need close by.

It comes in two finishes: natural and espresso.

This desk has over 1,900 - 4 .5 star ratings on Amazon and comes with free shipping!

The other small space desk I like is the Modern Writing Computer Desk.

It's a no-nonsense desk with a flat top and wide, sturdy legs. It comes in two finishes: brown and cherry.

This desk is super popular with over 7.300 - 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and comes with free shipping!

Office Chair

If you're looking for a super comfortable. ergonomic office chair for your virtual workspace, have a look at the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms.

This office chair has over 4,200 - 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and comes with free shipping!

Tip #2 Your Lighting

You need to have really good natural light, or good artificial light, in your workspace for virtual meetings.

If you have a designated workspace with windows, you need to figure out which windows give you the best natural lighting.

Stand in front of a window and hold your mobile device up, like you're going to take a selfie.

See how you look on the screen.

Are you illuminated with nice, bright light? Or is it too bright and washed out?

Is the light too dark? Is the light throwing shadows on your face?

Do this exercise for each window in your workspace.

The one that makes you look your best, is where you want to place your desk for virtual meetings or virtual schooling.

As a rule of thumb, either a south or south-west window with indirect sunlight will place you, and your workspace, in the most flattering light.

What if you don't have a window? What if you have bad weather? What if you're having a virtual meeting or going to virtual school at night? What if you just need more light?

That's where artificial lighting comes in!

With artificial light you never have to worry about the time of day or what Mother Nature is doing.

There are 3 types of artificial light I recommend for a virtual workspace:

  • An LED desk lamp with an adjustable arm.

  • A ring light.

  • A set of softbox lights

LED Desk Lamp

An LED desk lamp is an inexpensive way to get more light into your virtual workspace for your virtual meetings or virtual schooling.

Because it has a movable arm, you can redirect the light where you need it.

And, because LED lights do not get hot, you can further diffuse the light with a simple piece of white paper or a white cloth placed over the light.

I highly recommend the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp. It has 5 color temperatures with 7 brightness levels and an adjustable arm.

This LED desk lamp has over 4,400 - 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and it comes with free shipping!

Ring Light

If you have a little more space, I highly recommend a ring light.

Especially if you're using your mobile device because it will hold your mobile device while it illuminates your virtual workspace.

The ring light I use in my home office and for all of my virtual meetings is the Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light (14").

This ring light has over 3,300 - 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and it comes with free shipping!

You have a lot of artificial light control with a ring light. You can find my complete Neewer Ring Light review, here.

Ring Light Tip for Eyeglass Wearers: If you're using a ring light and you wear glasses, to keep the ring light from reflecting in your glasses, raise the ring light tripod above your line of sight then angle the ring light down. This will eliminate the reflection of the ring light in your glasses.

Softbox Lights

Lastly, if you really want to get your virtual workspace lighting on point, grab the Neewer ring light and a set of softbox lights!

I use both sets of artificial lights in my virtual workspace.

My favorite set of softbox lights are the ESDDI Softbox Lighting Kit.

These softbox lights have over 1,500 - 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and come with free shipping!

Softbox lights offer soft, diffused, consistent light throughout your virtual workspace.

I love softbox lights because not only do they eliminate harsh shadows, but they also eliminate background shadows.

Softbox lights used in conjunction with a ring light, will provide you with beautiful, virtual workspace lighting at your fingertips anytime of day!

You can read my complete ESDDI Softbox Lighting Kit review, here.

You can find all of my studio equipment recommendations here.

Tip #3 Your Camera Angel

It doesn't matter if you're using your mobile device or the webcam on your computer, your camera angel is super important to making you look your best during your virtual meetings or virtual school.

You never want to look down at the camera. No one wants to look up your nose.

Also, when you look down at the camera, it causes unnatural shadowing on your face and gravity causes your skin to sag forward. Not a good look!

Things you don't like will be accentuated: bags and darkness under your eyes, jowls, double chin, neck creases... you get the idea.

It doesn't matter your age. All the things you don't like about your face will be accentuated.

And, if you're over 50, yeah.... don't look down at the camera!

What you want to do is look up at the camera... just a little bit.

Keep the camera slightly above your line of vision and look up. This will give you your most attractive angle.

Tip #4 Your Background

Take a look at the background in your virtual workspace.

Is it clean and attractive?

If you're hosting a virtual meeting or teaching virtually, you want the focus to be on you, not on your background.

Simple and clean is always better than dark and cluttered.

Also, the lighter your background the more reflective it will be, which will help with your lighting.

My 5th and final tip for looking your best during virtual meetings or virtual schooling...

Tip #5 All About You

Make sure you look and feel good. Like you would any other day. What you look like and how you feel is what you're going to project out into the world.

Take the time to get yourself together.

Do what makes you look and feel your best, before you jump on that virtual meeting or into virtual school!

Parting thoughts...

I work from home and conduct the majority of my business virtually.

These are the 5 tips I use to look my best during my virtual meetings, whether I'm hosting them or just participating in them.

I hope these 5 tips for looking your best during virtual meetings or virtual schooling help you put your best virtual foot forward!

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